It took some coaxing, but I convinced my girlfriend to have her headshots done by me. I kept debating on how I should shoot this headshot session: as her boyfriend or in the way I am trained to shoot as a headshot photographer. In the end I shot Paula as both her boyfriend and as a headshot photographer. 

So how did this session turn out? You can see it in her facial expressions.


Kindall brought her game to her headshot session and knocked it out of the ball park!

Had an awesome session with Tammy! She’s part of our Seoulighters group (#filmisnotdead) in Seoul and a fellow travel buddy when I was in Osaka, Japan last month.

Tammy was recently featured in Groove Korea for her work in Goseong. Go check it out!

Deanne is a good friend of mine who just launched her media publishing company along with her boyfriend Steve in Seoul, Korea. Be sure to check out Adroit Fashion Media here:

Robert recently won the D93 Toastmaster’s English Speech Contest in April 2014 in Seoul, Korea. He’s now going to represent D93 and South Korea at the 2014 Toastmasters International Convention in Malaysia.

Robert is hip, cool, and ready to take over the world. Watch out world, Robert is coming to get you!